Management Akinyemi  is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Activeserve Nigeria Limited, one of Nigeria's leading ICT and network integration company. He also serves as board member to other leading companies in Nigeria.

He is currently working on Africa's Richest and hopefully her largest online platform for entrepreneurs - The Entrepreneurs' Shop:

The entrepreneurs shop is an online forum, education and information platform, an engagement portal that targets African entrepreneurs to promote business growth, increase visibility of such entrepreneurs and their businesses both regionally and to international markets.

Service providers on the entrepreneurs shop all have vested interest in Africa, and mostly understand what it means to do business in Africa.

Olufemi has a technical background in designing and implementing complex networks; notable amongst his past projects are the design and implementation of the network of the House of representative arms of the Nigerian National Assembly, the network of the Information Technology Development Agency, and the Network design and implementation of the network infrastructure of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, Nigeria.

He derives pleasure in continually improving on himself, and those around him. Olufemi has been able to mentor and create entrepreneurs out of his founding members of staff.

In the bid of improving on his entrepreneurial skills, Olufemi enrolled for a course on Launching New Ventures at the Harvard Business School and the Program for Leadership Development to improve on his leadership and managerial skills.

Olufemi is very skilled at building teams, turning ideas into profitable business ventures, and his leadership style is loved by all. Olufemi is a charismatic leader, and a strategic thinker.

In his own words ... "I love building winning teams, because I love to win, always!"